Past Programmes 2000 - 2012

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Summer Programme We are too easily pleased
We no longer believe in democracy
Travel no longer broadens the mind
The Olympic ideal is dead
Being single is great
We are doomed
Summer Programme The traditional family is still fit and well
We support alternative voting
Brighton is the last resort
There are too many graduates
Everyone has a religion
Image is more important than substance
Winter Programme Old age is worth waiting for
Modern communications are a form of tyranny
Local government should be local
It is better to receive than to give
Justice is a myth
Royalty should retire
Summer Programme We are glad to be global
The arts are no longer part of our lives
Elitism is acceptable
The media is too negative
Natural disasters are part of God’s plan
Holidays are more important than carbon footprints
Winter Programme Doctor-assisted suicide should be legalised
We regret the passing of the stiff upper lip
The Pub is more important than the Church
Father Christmas deserves a year off
Yes we can
Politics is no longer an honourable profession
Summer Programme There is probably no God
The generation gap is a myth
We support President Obama
Art requires skill
Electronic communications keep people apart
When in Rome, do as the Romans do
Winter Programme We need to know
Voting should be compulsory
There are too many charities
The glass is half full
We value life over liberty
Religious symbols should be banned in state schools
Summer Programme A strong dictatorship is better than a weak democracy
We don’t need fathers
The benefits of tourism outweigh the costs
Positive discrimination is never justified
The Ten Commandments need revision
Britain is Full
Winter Programme Conservation is a luxury we can no longer afford
We should smack our children
A university education should be a privilege not a right
Christmas is boring
Censorship should be left to the individual
We approve of the death penalty
Summer Programme Minority rights have gone too far
The Act of Union should be abolished
An integrated society is better than a multicultural one
Women should rule the country
American influence is corrosive
Religious tolerance is the key to world peace
Winter Programme Age is a state of mind
Mankind has no rights, only responsibilities
16 year olds should be given the vote
Alcohol is a social necessity
The Church should be vocal on social matters
It is right to subsidise the arts
Summer Programme Politicians cannot have private lives
Marriage has had its day
We are running out of time
Alternative medicince has no merit
The time for nation states has past
Euthanasia should be the right of the individual
Winter Programme Local income tax should replace council tax
A more equal society is a happier society
More prisons are not the answer
We should not celebrate Birthdays
Experimenting on animals is acceptable
Mankind will never learn
Summer Programme Compromise is our greatest achievement
We are suffering from information overload
England lacks National pride
The end justifies the means
The media makes the news
We should forgive
Winter Programme The lottery should not subsidise Public Services
T.V. Has outlived its usefulness
Genetically modified food should be welcomed
We are a nation of grumblers
Political Correctness is a good thing
Religion provides no answers
Summer Programme Escapism is becoming reality
The tongue is mightier than the sword
We do not need zoos
Student tuition fees should be paid by the state
We should express our opinions
Greed is good
Winter Programme Prince Charles should marry Camilla
Religion has no place in schools
The House believes some people are born evil
This House believes in Miracles
Britain should leave the E.U.
We do not need Children
Summer Programme The motoring lobby is a danger to civilised living
We no longer need God
Britain has become over-regulated
Trade Unions are out of touch with modern society
The grass is always greener on the other side
Democracy is in danger
Winter Programme We should bring back National Service
Humanism is a valid alternative to religion
History is bunk
Father Christmas does exist
The Honours system should be abolished
Zero tolerance policing is sound
Summer Programme The House opposes faith schools
War does not solve anything
There is too much emphasis on safety
We expect too much
The death penalty should be restored for murder
Morals are a personal matter
Winter Programme We have nothing to fear from ID cards
Comprehensive schools have failed our children
The British media should be British owned
No man is an island
We pay too much attention to the ares and not enough to the sciences
Overseas aid encourages dependency
Summer Programme Ambition is unnecessary
Britain should be a republic
Science is out of control
The American dream is a nightmare
Public transport should be in public ownership
We need more time
Winter Programme Brighton & Hove should have an elected Mayor
Non-violent protest is no longer effective
The cobbler should stick to his last
Life without faith has no meaning
It is still a Man's world
The rural economy deserves huge investment
Summer Programme

Co-operation is better than competition
This house disapproves of gambling
The jury system is outdated
God is a figment of man's imagination
Abortion is immoral
The Olympic ideal is dead

Winter Programme An Englishman's home is his castle
The press creates the news
This House would not buy the "Big Issue"
There is no time like the present
Indirect taxation is unfair
Wildlife conservation is contrary to evolution


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