Past Programmes 1991 - 1999

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Summer Programme Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
We belong to Europe
It is time to moderate the freedom of the press
Preserving the past is inhibiting the future
Essential services should not rely on charity
Winter Programme Public Transport should be free
Cancelled - roof problems
Voting should be compulsory
Happiness is a matter of choice
If we spare the rod we spoil the child
Britain benefits from its multicultural society
Summer Programme Public figures should be judged only on their achievements
Charity begins at home
Boys should be macho
Positive discrimination is inappropriate
The west pier should be blown up
Winter Programme Religion does more harm than good
Referendums are unnecessary
Society has lost confidence in the police
Punctuality is essential to a harmonious life
Technology has gone too far
Formal education is overvalued
Summer Programme

The wefare state is an outmoded concept
Freemasonry should be banned
The Church should be kept out of politics
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Infertility treatment is a waste of NHS resources
There should be a maximum wage

Winter Programme Ownership of Pets is selfish
Education should be geared to careers
Opinion surveys are no alternative to political conviction
Youth is wasted on the young
We travel too much
We support voluntary euthanasia
Summer Programme We believe in eternal damnation
This house would unite Ireland
Feminism has destroyed marriage
We know too much and feel to little
Modern counselling is unnecessary
Britain is in moral decline
Winter Programme Prison works
We have lost any sense of national pride
The search for longevity is counterproductive
Sport has replased Christianity as our national religion
Human life is not priceless
The wefare state is an outmoded concept
Summer Programme Concern for animal rights is misguided
50 years is long enough to remember
Gambling should not be encouraged
Privatisation has gone far enough
Theism is an outmoded concept
Winter Programme Skeletons should stay in the cupboard
Britain should regain its sovereignty
The Church has lost its way
Bad laws should be broken
We should always do what is good for us
The House of Lords should be abolished
Summer Programme Infertility treatment is going too far
The English legal system leaves much to be desired
The British seaside holiday is doomed
Life is meaningless
We should be more like the French
Winter Programme It is time to disestablish the Church of England
Political correctnes is valid
We applaud America's role in the world
Indirect taxation is unjust
We don't need men
Drugs should be decriminalised
Summer Programme The time has ome to muzzle the media
This House believes in voluntary euthanaia
There is no future in echoing the past
All state benefits should be means tested
We reject the work ethic
Public figures should be holier than thou
Winter Programme Political parties should be funded only by the state
There aint no sense sitting on the fence
The NHS is not safe in the governments hands
Eccentricity is a quality to be valued
One can't change human nature
Summer Programme Four terms of Tory rule would be too many
Atheism is realism
The Brighton festival has little relevance for the local community
Progress consists mostly of substituting one nuisance for another
The events in the eastern block are the pattern for Europe's future
Pride should not be one of the seven deadly sins
Winter Programme John Major's vision of a classless society is unattainable
We are fed too much fiction
It is time Britain became a republic
Fast food is a threat to society
The purpose of punishment should not be revenge
Summer Programme Pacifism is misguided
Local government power should be increased
Artistic quality and subsidy are incompatible
Nature is more wrong than right
Religion retards civilisation
In the battle of the sexes man will always win
Winter Programme We welcome the return of South Africa to world sport
A free market threatens the quality of the media
Higher education offers only a degree of uncertainty
Keeping fit is not worth the effort
The family is outmoded


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