Debating Motions

What topics do we cover?

We debate anything and everything! Each of out programmes includes a wide range of subjects, with as much balance as possible to provide something for everyone. Of course some motions cover topical issues and current affairs but we also debate moral and religious issues, philosophical topics and of course something more light hearted subjects at Christmas time!

Although our programme is planned six months ahead, we often have an uncanny knack of predicting what will be topical during the course of the year!

See here for the current programme or here for a searchable list of our past debates. It can be fascinating to see how changes in society have changed the type of subjects we though made a good debate!

What makes a good Debate?

A debating motion is always phrased as a simple statement, never as a question. Some Societies start all their motions with “This House Believes” and although we don’t write that explicitly it should be implied. So for example, a motion could say “Euthanasia is the right of the individual” but not “Do individuals have a right to commit Euthanasia?”

An ideal motion should be clear enough for everyone to understand but have enough depth and interpretation to keep the discussion interesting for the whole evening. It needs to be something that people are likely to have differing views upon – if everyone agreed from the start it wouldn’t be a very good evening! And finally it should be as unambiguously worded as possible – we would prefer to debate the actual subject than different interpretations of what the wording of the motion means!


Ideas Welcome!


Whilst the committee does its best to select topics it is incredibly difficult so we always welcome suggestions.


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